Little chickadee has made installing your wallpaper so easy that you can do it yourself or with the help of a friend. Don't worry it's simple if I can do it so can you. It's easier than painting, less messy and non toxic too. We only use top quality material to ensure installing is a breeze at direct wholesale pricing. We never let the material sit around in a warehouse. We are proud to be 100% American made. We are also print to order as we think fresh is best when it comes to wallpapering. For ease of installation we recommend you install the wallpaper within 6 months after purchasing.

When your tastes change, don't worry our wallpaper is completely removable. Not like the old days where you had to paint over the wallpaper or worse replace all the drywall.  Our wallpaper is recommended for walls painted with high quality paint that has cured for at least 3 weeks. Lightly textured painted walls are okay just note your texture will likely be felt thru the wallpaper. When in doubt try some samples out. 

We carry two options of finish for our wallpaper Canvas and vinyl. Both options are completely opaque. Meaning you won't see the wall color thru the wallpaper.You can't go wrong with either of our options. We wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't want in our own house.

Canvas- has a matte, slight textured finish similar to unpainted canvas. 

Vinyl- is slightly thicker and has a smooth flat finish that makes some prints appear more vivid.

We always recommend trying samples before you purchase. It's  nice to be able to touch, feel, and envision them in your space.

Once you have selected one of our amazing prints follow along with these easy steps. 

Step1-  Measure your wall.

First you will need the width of your wall. All of our rolls come in the perfect DIY width of 24 inches (2ft). So once you get the width of your wall divide that number by 24. You will then round up and that will determine the number of rolls you will need.

Next- you will need to measure the height of your wall to select the length of wallpaper you will need. Our wallpaper comes in 72 inches, 96 inches, and 120 inches we chose these lengths as they are the most common used for drywall. Always round up in length. It's easy to cut off additional length. For additional heights, don't worry our patterns are easily paneled together.

 Step 2- Preparing the wall

Once your Little Chickadee Wallpaper has arrived you'll need to do this little step before you get to the fun stuff. It's a pretty simple one but it will ensure that your wallpaper adheres properly. With a clean microfiber towel and water simply wipe the wall clean of all cobwebs and dust. Allow to dry completely. 


 Step 3- 

Don't be scared you got this.. This is the fun part. It's all instant gratification from here. You'll need to gather your tools  a sharp exacto knife, scissors  pencil, measuring tape, large level ruler ( anything with a straight edge will work in a pinch we've even used the wallpaper box) and a squeegee (we give to you when you make $100 purchase)

Remove the first panel from the box. When ordering more than one roll we roll them together for ease of installation. Peel back the first 4 or 5  inches folding the backing paper firmly. Starting in the far left corner align the wallpaper to the upper corner and the ceiling. You might want to grab a friend for this part to make sure you have  it lined up straight. Once you have it straight use your squeegee to smooth and adhere the first few inches.Continue by rolling down backing paper and using your squeegee tp adhere to the wall.

Next you are ready for panel number 2. Grab your next panel and once again roll back the top 4 to 5 inches of your wallpaper. Align the print to the previously installed one and the ceiling use you squeegee to apply to the wall. Continue working down the wall by peeling the backing paper off and adhering with your squeegee. We use the overlap/seam method meaning  you will overlap the panel on your first panel. We find this to be easier to line up the print and helps with natural home settling. Speaking of lining up prints most walls aren't completely level even with new construction. Even professional installers don't always get wallpaper to perfectly align. So when aligning don't over-think it, wallpaper is meant be viewed a few feet away. 

Continue repeating the process until you get to your last panel. More often than not you will have to cut this last one. Using your measuring tape measure the remainder of the wall. Cut the wallpaper in a straight line with your scissors. Its best to slightly over measure here as you can always cut off extra with your exacto knife. You just don't want to be working in a tight space with a lot of excess material. 

Now that your wall is completed, you will need to trim excess material using your squeegee as straight edge cut with your exacto knife along edges. Peel off excess material and you are done.