About Us

Here at Little Chickadee walls we like to set the scene and envision the whole space when creating a wallpaper print. You can use our wallpaper in any room of the home and a lot of people do. In fact most of our home has Little Chickadee wallpaper. Designing our children's nursery and bedrooms has always been a passion of ours .When designing we like to dream of a baby coming home for the first time to a gorgeous nursery. A imaginative playroom that sparks creativity and play. The smile on Big kid's face seeing their bedroom remodel for the first time.

We are a small family run company and have owned and operated a successful commercial wallpaper business for the past 12 years. We have always wallpapered our own home and children's rooms. We started Little Chickadee when family friend's 10 year daughter came to us and said she wanted to wallpaper her bedroom. Showing us wallpaper she had found online. After we investigated the quality we realized that what they were selling as peel and stick wallpaper was contact paper. I said what if we could make high quality luxury peel and stick wallpaper affordable to the average household? What if we could make it easy enough to install yourself? 

Knowing we were on to something big we dove right in and began experimenting on friends homes within our community.We spent endless hours on this process. We came up with the perfect 24 inch width and matched our lengths with average Drywall/ Sheetrock lengths.  We came up with a simple 1/2 inch overlap method for installation. Making the wallpaper so much easier to hang by yourself. I swear if I can install it you can too. 

Then it came down to pricing.we thought like a consumer on this one. We wanted quality to be affordable. We have always been a budget conscious family but also don't mind spending a little extra if the quality is there. So when pricing we ordered roll after roll of competitors wallpaper. Finding only high end luxury peel and stick designer wallpaper brands to be of the same quality. Those brands were out of our budget so we decided to price our wallpaper at direct to the consumer wholesale prices. Can you get wallpaper cheaper? Yes you can but it won't compare in quality or ease of installation. 

We are proud that of the wallpaper we are selling. We are 100% American made, non toxic, and safe. Our wallpaper is thicker than the industry standard and can has state of art adjustable technology for ease of installation. As parents we know kids grow up, styles change, and sometimes people need to relocate. The brilliance of our wallpaper is you can simply peel it off. This isn't your grandmother's wallpaper our wallpaper is completely removable. So go ahead and pick a trendy print it's not permanent. 

We named our business after my sweet grandmother. Growing up she always called me her little chickadee and still does to this day. I thought it was suiting to name our company after her. In her day things were made in the USA and quality. We promise to honor her in producing our wallpaper right here in the United States. We print to order as we believe fresh wallpaper is the easiest wallpaper to install.