Woodland Nursery Wallpaper

Woodland Nursery Wallpaper

Ahhh what's more classic than a woodland themed nursery? It never goes out of style and never gets old. Dreamy woodland creatures and majestic trees have lined the pages of the folklore and fairytales for centuries. With our woodland wallpaper you will be able to bring your child's imagination and creativity to life. Best thing about the woodland theme is you can easily use this theme for a gender neutral nursery.

Woodland Folklore removable wallpaper in a gender neutral nursery

Woodland Mushroom wallpaper up close

This folklore inspired woodland wallpaper is perfect for the parent wanting to keep the gender a surprise. Our gorgeous woodland wallpaper looks amazing in both canvas and vinyl. On this print though I do prefer the canvas for the added texture. This forest wallpaper features mushrooms, dandelions, ferns, snails, snake, owls, wildflowers, daisies, rabbits, strawberries and  dreamy moons and stars. 

Chubby Bunny woodland wallpaper in nursery

Woodland Bunny wallpaper up close

Our vintage Woodland creature blue and Cream wallpaper is so cute and perfect for your little gatherer. This wallpaper features chubby (or more to love) rabbits, squirrels, and hedgehogs with a backdrop of wild flowers and berries. Again this one is perfectly not gender specific nursery. Could easily be mixed with boy or girl bedding and accessories after your baby arrives. 

soft neutral woodland tree wallpaper

Neutral tree wallpaper

This tree lined wallpaper print is absolutely stunning in person and we just love it in our canvas material. The texture of the canvas creates added texture and the print looks hand painted but our wallpaper isn't messy and you don't have to be a artist or a contractor to apply it. The wallpaper is neutral with gray,cream,and beige this woodland forest wallpaper is a great way to add character without having a overly themed nursery.

Navy woodland boy wallpaper

fox,bear,moose woodland wallpaper

Most of our Woodland themed wallpaper is pretty gender neutral although I would say this one leans more toward boy. This Fox, Bear, and Moose wallpaper in rich navy blue gives us modern cozy lodge vibes. We think this one is tough enough to last thru boyhood.  For bedding I picture picking up some orange from the fox and chunky knit white/cream throw blankets from the bear.  If I had to guess what the fox says I'd guess he'd tell you to buy this wallpaper. 

Black and white Bear Wallpaper in child's bedroom

bear print wallpaper pattern

What is not to love about our sweet bear wallpaper? Every child always wants to snuggle a cute and cuddly teddy bear. Our Bear wallpaper puts a updated twist of a classic nursery theme. This hand drawn printed wallpaper features  bears backscatching, dancing,  snoozing, hibernating, and doing general bear stuff. It has neutral tones and could easily be styled with any accent color or furnishings. 

Happy Little Trees Bob Ross wallpaper

Woodland forest watercolor wallpaper pattern

We call this wallpaper Happy Little Trees it reminds me of the artist Bob Ross. Maybe you are too young to remember him he's almost before my time.  He always painted tree scapes and called them Happy Little Trees. Order a sample of this one in canvas you will fall in love with this Forest wallpaper it is as beautiful and detailed up close as it is far away. 


We hope we left you inspired with our woodland themed nursery wallpaper. As a parent myself we have always promised to only sell the best quality repositionable non toxic peel and stick wallpaper. We are 100% made in the USA we won't use any materials made elsewhere as we want the assurance that our wallpaper is 100% safe for our tiniest humans. Our wallpaper is removable and easy to install yourself.




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