Western Wallpaper

Western Wallpaper

One of our best selling wallpaper patterns of all time. This Western wallpaper we named Home on the Range the pattern features Buffalo, Bison, along with other horned friends on a burlap printed background. We highly recommend choosing Canvas for this wallpaper as we love how the canvas texture plays into the burlap print making it look very high end. 


This Western Bronco wallpaper is perfect for your little equestrian yet neutral enough that you could use it in any grown up space.This fun pattern of  Wild Horses of mixed neutrals make this wallpaper a no brainer for adding interest to your space. 



This Western themed Mountain wallpaper features all our favorite Spirit animals. The Western Woodland wallpaper has Eagles in the night sky and Bears with the sun in their horizon it's the perfect wallpaper for a nursery or a little boys bedroom.

There is a snake in my boots!! Sadal up with this vintage mint green Shieff cowboy wallpaper. This fun and playful Vintage Western Wallpaper is classic boy at heart.

 Western burlap Horse wallpaper in nursery

This Western Yellowstone Horse wallpaper was created based off our popular Home on the Range wallpaper after a client expressed how much she'd love the burlap print background and monochromatic technique applied to a horse print. This wallpaper is quickly also becoming one of our best sellers. People have used it in multiple different spaces from Barns to nurseries. We also highly recommend this one in our canvas material yet we offer both in case someone is using it less conventionally. 


This Succulent wallpaper is stunning in person and is a excellent choice for someone decorating with the western theme. This modern pop art style succulent wallpaper has soft shades of blue and peach and orange. 

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