Astronomy and Space themed wallpaper

Astronomy and Space themed wallpaper

This theme is dear to my heart. I'm the mother of the sweetest little space nerd named Henry who is obsessed with outer space. Henry is nine and for years now if you asked him what he wants to do when he grows up he will say he wants to be a Planetary Physicist. I'm still not sure what they do and I'm not too sure I ever will as my brain does not work like my child's. Each morning over cereal Henry tells me some new space or science fact he has discovered. Admittedly half awake these facts sometimes go in one ear and out the other. Each night I will tell Henry I love him to the moon and back and he will say I love your more then the entire universe. No matter what he says the truth is I've never known how much you could love another being until the day I became his mother. 

If you are designing a room for your little space cadet we have you covered with this group of Henry approved wallpapers. 

Night sky Space wallpaper in boys room

Dark night sky Space wallpaper

Constellations and shooting stars light up the night sky on this dark space wallpaper. While Henry says this night sky is not entirely accurate for our galaxy however he does very much approve of this wallpaper for himself and fellow earthlings. 

Blue Space boy nursery wallpaper

Outer Space Themed wallpaper pattern

This playful dark teal chalk doodle style space wallpaper is great for a nursery but transitions well as your child gets older. The background is dark enough to look like space but bright enough to not make a small room too dark. From Saturns rings to the moons craters your little one will soon be doodling these on their grade school notebooks. 

Astronaut Space wallpaper in boys room

Dark Charcoal black moon wallpaper

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. How adorable is this bedroom with our Astronaut wallpaper. This space themed wallpaper is not quite true black but more of a charcoal blackboard color and features space ships, comets, planets and of course Astronauts. We think your child will be dreaming of what the next space exploration will be with with wallpaper. 

sun moon and stars wallpaper

Golden sun moon and stars wallpaper pattern

Imagine saying I love you to the moon and back to your little one in this nursery. This golden sun, moon, and stars wallpaper is even more stunning and timeless in person. We love the bright nod to astrology and space theming here with a almost Art Deco vibe. 

We hope you were inspired by some of our space themed wallpaper patterns. We hope you get to love a child like I do my little Henry. As parents ourselves we have always promised to use the best quality, not toxic, repositionable peel and stick wallpaper. We are 100% made in the USA we do not source any material from outside of the United States because we want to be sure our wallpaper is safe for even the tiniest earthlings. 




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