Transportation inspired rooms for little boys

Transportation inspired rooms for little boys

As a mama of two boys I quickly learned the names of everything with a motor. if your boys are anything like mine they will become obsessed. Airplanes were awed Construction vehicles were studied. Before they could even say mama engine noises were made endlessly. No one had prepared me for this obsession or I would have studied the difference between a Bulldozer and a Front Loader. We learned together threw the countless construction books and trucks I tripped over nightly. Damn Backhoe got me everytime.. It's  the one with the sneaky bucket in the back.

We never did a Transportation theme nursery but I wish I had. It would have suited both of my boys and lasted into boyhood. So when we started Little Chickadee wallpaper this theme was on the top of our design list. 

Cars and Trucks removable peel and stick nursery wallpaper

up close car and truck wallpaper pattern

This car and truck wallpaper pattern is our top seller and we love it. The wallpaper has doodle style images of cars and trucks drawn in a deep navy (yet in some lighting can appear charcoal) making it neutral enough to go with any decor. 

Construction Trucks removable peel and stick wallpaper in boys room

up close image of boys construction wallpaper

This neutral Construction themed wallpaper in greenish, beigeish, army greenish in color.... (so I may not be the best at color descriptions ) it has all the heavy equipment covered from steam rollers to cement trucks. The monochromatic color scheme easily works with any furnishings. From tractor to bulldozer I bet your little one will be able to point and name them all in no time.   

Cars and trucks wallpaper in boys bedroom

Backhoe, bulldozer, cement truck, dump truck, tractor wallpaper pattern up close

This is where all my years of studies come in handy.. This truck wallpaper features a Backhoe loader, Dump Truck, Crane, Tractor, Excavator, and Cement mixer trucks in a  neutral gray and beige color pallet. So when their favorite color changes from yellow to red you'll easily be able to add accessories to accommodate their new favorites. 

Neutral Airplane wallpaper in little boys bedroom

paper airplane wallpaper pattern

It's a bird its a plane... wait is that a paper airplane? This airplane wallpaper features so many mixed neutrals you can universally place it with any existing furnishing or wall colors. 

Colorful Airplane Wallpaper in Nursery

Colorful cloud and airplane wallpaper pattern up close

We loved our neutral airplane wallpaper so much we decided to create a colorful version. These colors are really giving us Dr. Seuss vibes and we adore the colorful imaginary nature of this airplane wallpaper. 





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