Best Boy Room Wallpapers for 2023

Best Boy Room Wallpapers for 2023

Best boy room wallpapers for 2023

Boys rooms and themes are often overlooked in the design world. As a mother of two boys I was often disappointed with the lack of creativity on the market when I was designing my own boys nurseries. You will find at Little Chickadee we offer a wide variety of boy related themes as it is dear to our hearts. Boys rooms can be trendy and not cheesy like those corny onsies your great aunt bought you as a shower gift. 

Cars and trucks wallpaper in nursery

This cars and trucks wallpaper has been a very popular choice. Nothing screams boy more than a engine noise and four wheels. We haven't met a boy yet that doesn't obsess over their favorite truck.  We love this one for it's simple design and color pallet.

This baseball one was hard for us. I think we received  one too many cheesy "daddy's sports star" items as shower gifts. We used countless designers and researched so many on the market wallpapers. You'll notice this is currently our only sports wallpaper. This is the only design we are proud to share. It says baseball and the pattern creates a modern shiplap style design.

 neutral dinosaur wallpaper

We like to call this print the vegan Herbivore.. lol What's not to love about plant eating dinosaurs? I mean what's more classic then boys and dinosaurs? Okay so this isn't our only dino print.. I'm kinda obsessed.

This one is my favorite. I do love a theme but I also love neutrals. They are so easy to decorate around. This wallpaper is everything.  

Nerd alert- We are huge fans of these books and some of our sweetest memories have been reading them with our boys. If you know you Know.. nothing else needs to be said. But the wand chooses the wizard and you really should choose this wallpaper.

Airplane wallpaper

If you want something classic and absolutely timeless this is for you. Have you ever met a boy not fascinated with the ingenuity of flight? It's a bird Its a plane... or a rubber band or paper airplane.. the list goes on but you get the idea.

galaxy wallpaper

2020 proved a lot of things but can we now all agree Aliens are real? My youngest is obsessed with all things space. So always shoot for the moon and you'll hit the stars. 

neutral Jungle wallpaper

Hey you made it to the end.YAY YOU! Hope I didn't get to word-y. I hate reading life history trying to get to the recipe. This one we call wild ride. It is one of our most popular prints. Its a perfect neutral jungle themed wallpaper with endless decor possibilities.    



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